Project 5 Documentation, Feedback, & Reflections

Feedback: The things usually said about my projects are to make my narrative/concept more clear to read. Students also noted that my color choices were interpreted differently. My original plan was to use bright and vibrant colors on the outside, and dark eerie colors on the inside. I did not have the amount of paint I needed for the outside of the house, so I ended up being limited in what I could for the outside. Whereas, for the inside I was able to use markers. Although my colors ended up being flipped, a lot of students understood my narrative. The way my project was done just ended up leaving things very open to interpretation, which isn’t a bad thing, but I do want to improve in the future and make the correct decisions when it comes to choosing color and style of a project. Overall, I am proud of this project because it was my first 3D project and it took me out of my comfort zone. It allowed me to present a narrative in a way I am not familiar with.

Reflections: I didn’t find this project to be especially difficult, but it was very time consuming compared to the rest of my projects. This was my first time doing a 3D project for this class so I wanted to be proud of my final product. Although, I am proud of doing a 3D project, I do believe there is room for improvement in the structure and making it look sharper and more put together. I am glad that I got to do a 3d project for my last project in 1020.

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