My First Blog Post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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End of 1020 Reflections

When I first started the semester in this class, I was nervous of how I would do because our very first project was a little intimidating since the process was new to me. After going through the process a few times and becoming familiar with it, it became a little easier with each project. I knew I was not going to receive a perfect grade in this class, nor did I expect to. My main goal for this class was to learn. As long as I could see improvement in my work for each project, I was happy. I feel as if I put a lot of effort in to each of my projects and deserve each grade I received. This was definitely one of the more challenging courses I have taken so far, but I am grateful that I get to experience different teaching styles and different processes in art. It helps me to grow as a student, an artist, and a person. I am excited to move forward and see how I can utilize the things I have learned in 1020, in my other courses. I believe it will make me a better artist and a better creative thinker.

Project 5 Documentation, Feedback, & Reflections

Feedback: The things usually said about my projects are to make my narrative/concept more clear to read. Students also noted that my color choices were interpreted differently. My original plan was to use bright and vibrant colors on the outside, and dark eerie colors on the inside. I did not have the amount of paint I needed for the outside of the house, so I ended up being limited in what I could for the outside. Whereas, for the inside I was able to use markers. Although my colors ended up being flipped, a lot of students understood my narrative. The way my project was done just ended up leaving things very open to interpretation, which isn’t a bad thing, but I do want to improve in the future and make the correct decisions when it comes to choosing color and style of a project. Overall, I am proud of this project because it was my first 3D project and it took me out of my comfort zone. It allowed me to present a narrative in a way I am not familiar with.

Reflections: I didn’t find this project to be especially difficult, but it was very time consuming compared to the rest of my projects. This was my first time doing a 3D project for this class so I wanted to be proud of my final product. Although, I am proud of doing a 3D project, I do believe there is room for improvement in the structure and making it look sharper and more put together. I am glad that I got to do a 3d project for my last project in 1020.

Project 5 Ideations & Feedback

Feedback: The students who looked over my ideations noted that they liked the comic strip idea best. Although, I did like the comic strip idea(and felt safe doing that), I wanted to push myself and do something 3D, since I have never done a 3D project in 1020. By the end of our discussion, my classmates and I came up with the idea to combine the 3D concept with the comic strip. Ultimately, my narrative was very clear to them through my ideations.

Project 4 Documentation, Critique Discussion, & Reflection

Critique Notes: The people who wrote about my piece noted that the eyes were the most intriguing part of the composition. They also noted that the colors I chose worked well for the piece. They noted that there was a good even contrast throughout the piece. For improvement, they suggested possibly changing the color of the text. They also suggested doing something with the text to further support my idea, such as a type of layering of the letters or even creating layers on the main part of the composition.

Reflections: I was happy with my project because it did successfully get my point across, but I do feel it could be pushed farther by just tweaking the lettering or adding a little more dimension to it. Overall, I was happy with this project and felt proud of it.

Project 3 Documentation, Critique Discussion, & Reflections

Critique Notes: For this project, I received feedback that the colors I chose for each photo were not connecting with the writing that was paired with each of them. They also noted that the colors just did not connect to my research question in general. It was also noted that my photos did not work well collectively, but worked well individually.

Reflections: I was not a fan of this project. It was interesting getting to do something a little different for our projects, but I felt that the project itself was slightly confusing. I personally felt good about how my project turned out, but my peers were confused about my color choices.

Project 2 Documentation, Critique Discussion, & Reflections

Critique Notes: The notes I received on this project were few, but helpful. I noted that the idea of her emotionally struggling could be pushed further. Show more distress in the face or even in the objects around her. I also noted to work on the water part of the composition. Tweak it so it is more apparent that it is water so the idea is not lost in translation. I also noted that I should observe the composition as a whole. What parts of the composition work on their own? Do I need everything that is included in the piece to get my point across? All together, my notes were to make the idea I was going for more clear and apparent.

Reflections: This project was not one of my favorites. Not because of the prompt, but because I felt it was not a strong piece that I created. I wanted to do something a little different and challenging for this project, which is why I chose to do it digitally. I do think there are parts within the piece that work, but overall, I did not like my final product.

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